Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is usually a full body or head, neck and shoulders treatment that uses continual contact and long, flowing strokes which warm the body and help the body and mind to relax. Happy hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins are released which give that post massage glow.

Treatment options range from 10 -120 mins with any of our massage therapists.


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Nalin Navarro - Relaxation Massage

Nalin is a Relaxation Massage therapist.

Her style is nurturing and caring, she is a firm believer that massage can improve quality of health and lifestyle.

Chloe Leenen - Relaxation Massage

Chloe has completed her studies as a Relaxation Massage Therapist at MIMT. She is extremely dedicated and eager to continue learning and developing new skills and techniques for optimum treatment for her clients.

Her style involves releasing any areas in the body that may carry tension, via a holistic approach. All the while, allowing her clients to feel centred with themselves through a range of relaxation techniques.

Chloe aspires to bring her clients into a completely calm and relaxed state of mind, which, in hope, will improve the client's overall quality of life and health.


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