Dr Heather Warwick - Osteopath

Heather Warwick graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University (England) with a Masters of Osteopathy. Since completing her studies and moving to Australia, Heather has been practising Osteopathy across Melbourne for the past four years.

Prior to becoming an Osteopath, Heather was a sought-after remedial massage therapist in the UK. Her clients love her style as it is the perfect balance of manipulation with a combination of deep-tissue massage, individualised for your body.

She's not one to boast, but she has an impressive education, having attended exclusive schools such as the Barral course, focussing on visceral manipulation (assisting with digestion), the spine and pelvis. She has also attended the niche Sutherland cranial foundation courses (assisting with jaw pain, sinus problems, migraines).

Skilled in assisting people with postural changes during pregnancy, neuromuscular rehabilitation and advanced joint manipulation, Heather has a range of clients from athletes, people with traditional office work complaints and patients managing chronic pain.

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Heather's education includes:

  • Barrall New Manual Articular Approach – Spine & Pelvis (MASP)

  • Sutherland Cranial Trauma – advanced cranial course

  • Daryl Herbert - Minimal Lever advanced manipulation course

  • Winter school – AT Still original technique , total body adjustment.

  • Caroline Stone – Pregnancy and Obstetrics

  • Sinus and TMJ workshops