Gabriella Ferro - Lomi Lomi and Relaxation Massage Therapist

Gabriella Ferro began studying naturopathy at SCU in 2005 and then went on to learn the ingenious modality of Theta Healing, followed by Stanislav Grof's breathwork, NLP, detoxing, herbal medicine, bodywork, yoga and cupping.

Gabriella has developed a fusion massage style that is deeply reconnecting with the aim of releasing pain, restriction and stagnancy from the body. She combines traditional Hawaiian healing bodywork - lomi lomi - together with deep tissue and hot stone therapy. Techniques from other styles such as Chinese, Thai, Shiatsu and Remedial may also be used. The focus is on helping the client to trace their own pain back to the moment of its origin to assist with the release from past circumstances, events or relationships that are still holding various negative patterns within the physical level.

Gabriella also offers sessions of body-mind [psychosomatic] therapy for treating negative behavioural & relationship patterns and expanding individual human potential.
Inspired by neuroscience as well as her time living with the Anangu people of the Central Australian
desert, Gabriella believes that understanding the interconnection between everything is the key to understanding your health and the relationship of your body, mind & emotions.

Gabriella's core guidance underpinning her holistic approach arose from the experience of a traumatic and destructive youth, that she successfully brought back into balance. Gabriella is now based in Melbourne and shares her discoveries of equilibrium and interconnectedness, through health-giving sessions to reduce stress, anxiety, aches, pain, tension and improve sleep, mood, endocrine balance, vitality and immunity.