Assisted Stretching



Why Try Assisted Stretching?

No matter how important stretching is for us, not many of us actually commit to doing it. That’s where we come in, to help you in sessions as long or short as you like.

At Health Connection we have highly trained staff to assist you along the way.

We also have a few new tools to help the stretching process, including the Hypervolt Vibration Massager and a Fascia Blaster,

Assisted stretching can help you as shortened muscles become fragile and weak—adding unnecessary pressure on tendons and pulling bones out of their natural alignment. This can result in muscle, joint and back pain, as well as related injuries. One of the biggest benefits of regular stretching is to lengthen the muscles, thereby reducing the stress and pressure on the tendons and joints. Other benefits of stretching include:

  • Enhanced Muscular Coordination

  • Increased Circulation

  • Increased Energy

  • Increased Range of Motion

  • Reduced Muscle Tension

Assisted Stretching does more than just deepen the basic stretch. With a partner’s assistance a greater number of muscles can be more effectively stretched and trained through all their planes of movement. Widening the range of motion and deepening the initial stretch both provide for more efficient results.